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Nicola(Nick) Andreacola was born 1905 in Giuliano Teatino several months after and 50 yards from where Ernestina was born. Ernie remembered playing on the hill with Nick until she was 7 when she come to the USA August 12, 1912. Nick arrived October 16, 1922 with his cousin Carminantonio(Tony) D'Onofrio. Nick went to stay with his uncle Antonio Bucci on 4th street in Camden. Gracia Bucci married Nick's uncle, Luigi Andreacola. Nick and Ernie married in 1928 and opened their grocery store next to Ciriaco & Filomena which they ran together for 33 years.

Nick left the rest of his immediate family back in Giuliano when he came to the USA. They would write and exchange pictures(shown below). They sent food packages to Giuliano during WWII. His brother Luigi died in 1945. Nick and Ernie returned twice to Giuliano after they retired to visit Nicks relatives (Listen to Ernie's stories for details).

Nicks dad, Angelosante appears to have come to the USA twice March 26 1907 & March 25, 1916. In 1916 he went to the same address as Filomena did in 1912, 766 South 9th street, Philadelphia.

Nick is who keeps us connected to Giuliano Teatino through his most gracious extended family, the Flaccos and Ricciutis.

Nick's Ellis Island Manifest

Nick's Ellis Island Manifest

Tony D'Onofrio's daughters Betty & Mary

Carminantonio's children

Nick & Ang

Pat(Nick's employee) Richard Flacco,Nick,Aurthur Flacco

Nick with Tony's in backyard Jenkintown

Nick working hard as usual

Nick in store

Nick was funny

Nick & Ang store front

Nick & Ang Oct 1929

Post holiday dinner rest

Carlo Ricciuti

Natalina Andreacola(Nick's sister) husband Eduardo Ricciuti,neice in middle

Elvira (left)

Elvira Ricciuti(Angelo's Cousin)

Giacinto Ricciuti in Venezuala

Luigi Andreacola(Nick's brother)

Natalina Andreacola(Nick's sister)

Sulpizio Ricciuti & bride Lucia

Andreacola Family Tree

Angelosante Andreacola Ellis Is. 1916

Angelosante Andreacola Ellis Island 1916

Angelosante Andreacola Ellis Island 1907