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The Palumbos of Giuliano Teatino

       The First Hundred Years and More

Filomena and her 1st 6 children arrived at Ellis Island on August 12, 1912 met by her husband Ciriaco Palumbo who 1st came to the USA in 1906. 6 More children were born in the USA.  These pages are meant to help preserve the history of the Palumbos of Giuliano Teatino. The main primary sources for this history are:

1: Ernestine's oral family history recorded Thanksgiving 1978(When I thought she was old at 73) and Easter day 1995. Everyone of Ernestine's statements that have corresponding documentation has been found to be totally accurate and unembellished. I believe any statement that has not been otherwise confirmed is almost certainly true as well. I would suggest opening up the oral histories then open a new window to browse through the web site.

1978    1995(part 1)    1995(part 2)       Use QuickTime Windows users paste URL to QuickTime Browser window

2: Arthur Flacco's written family history distributed early 1995    Arthur

3: Pictures shared by my cousins Angelo, Bud, Phyllis, Hank, Mary Lou & Barbara

4: Ellis Island document's

5: Birth and marriage documents collected in Italy by my sister Joyce.

6. Bud Palumbo movie of the 60th anniversary  8mm movie

7. Barbara's Memories Barbara

Giuliano Family Tree    Main USA Family Tree    1920 Census Palumbos 1827 Broadway   

My objective is to included a web page for all family members and link them to their respective  Palumbo parent's page or spouse's page. I encourage family members to send anything that would help me post your page and it's position in the family tree. Send all correspondences to jdelaurentismd@gmail.com.